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It is me your host Yunosuesocky were I make content based on what "YOU" the viewer want and enjoy. This is were as that I propose a product of you helping me to be able to make the wide arranged content that I so love & enjoy creating. "Do what you love and the money will come."
I want to be sure that the videos I upload to YouTube are in good use of you and the animations I produce have you rolling in the floor wanting more along with the Minecraft Bedrock Editon  Addons Texture Packs and Mods are have you scream for more. I have only one phrase that I LOVE to use and that is "Suck it things happen, It's life we live and let die."  Which in terms I don't let that of no one nor body push me around and tell me I can not, I push to the sky the limit for what I do and hope that you as the "Viewer" will also be able to get your ideas and thoughts out of whatever it is you soo however desire. I set forth a stand, a stand as which I call an "Interactive Group" where I am just as equal to you as you are to me.
$0 of $1,000 per videos, games, addon, animations, and so on.
My goal is a small and simple one, and that is to gain enough money to buy better recording equipment and to newer pc to work and produce my videos, games, animations, and so on a lot faster and in better quality for you all as well. which will soon slowly grow into a company that will produce all these things within seconds for the happiness of the consumer and viewer.
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