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literally everything you want you can get with a simple 1 dollar.

pledging or whatever gets you a free drawing of whatever u want lol except for nsfw

everything and knuckles
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you get everything as well as you get a picture of mother fucking knuckles with every post! holy shit. that means every time i draw something you get that PLUS an additional drawing of knuckles for 3 cents more! what a fucking price to die for
everything and knuckles and nothing more
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ok so you're just giving me an extra 14 dollars now i didn't want you to but you did




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About Yurrie

waddup it's me yurrie i'm epic.

who am i?
i'm a 21 year old EXTREME girl gamer with three cats and four mouths that need fed ( although one of them should lose weight and it's not the cats )

what the foop do you do
i draw n shizzle

how much cash do i give?
you can give 1 dollar, 1 dollar and 3 cents or 15 dollars
1 dollar gets u everyting
1.03 gets you everything and a drawing of knuckles
15 gets you everything and a drawing of knuckles and -14 dollars

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