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  • If you pledge $5 or more then I will upload a sketch of the current piece I am working on (exclusive to my Patrons).
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  • If you pledge me $20 or more then you gain access to a "How I do it" series i.e "portraits and other features"
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  • If you pledge $30 or more to me then I promise to create a personal portrait for your own use.




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About Zaina.A.I

Hello, I’m Zaina. Self-taught artist, illustrator, doodler, and dreamer. I know five languages, and was born on Mauritius Island, where I currently live. Art has always been my greatest passion, and I have worked so hard at it over the years. I started this Patreon because I hope you will help me do what I love most of all, and help me change my fate and build a new life for myself.

From an early age, all l I have ever wanted is to be an artist, to draw, to paint, to craft. I would do it all the time, if I could. People enjoy my work, and I do commissions for others on DeviantArt, though often I would prefer making art of my own choosing. I always try to smile, and to help others and make people happy. In my ideal world, there would be happiness, justice, and peace.

But that is not my world, and supporting myself as an artist is not nearly as easy for me as it might be for others who live somewhere else.Many things that you take for granted are things that I cannot get here, or can only get with great difficulty. Everything that is imported, except for books, is taxed. Shippers often do not deliver things to Mauritius, so finding another way to get them is often expensive as well. Electronics are particularly expensive to ship when you consider shipping charges and VAT, and I always pray that they arrive safely. If they are broken, I will then have to pay to ship them back, often across several oceans to the manufacturer or an authorized repair center. As a digital artist, this is especially difficult.

It is not just this that makes my life difficult. My home life is also very bad and abusive, but for now I do not have the money to leave: I am stuck where I’m at. It stresses me and makes me miserable and it’s hard to reach for my passion in a place like this. I need to get out.

I am not telling you this so you will feel sorry for me, but just so you can understand that you really will make a difference for me. Your support, however little it might be to you, will mean so much to me and will give me a freedom I never even dreamed was possible. It will give me power where I am now powerless.

That’s what you’re supporting: Me creating a better life for myself. Paying for the costs and difficulties of living in Mauritius, and the materials and tools to continue being an artist, and eventually the security of knowing that my job is to do the thing that I love to do most of all.

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  • I've set my eyes for the iPad Pro for a while now. What I mainly find appealing about it is the absolute freedom it will give me to sketch wherever I am, having bad back pains it doesn't help sitting at my desk and drawing with my current tablet. I wish to have more freedom to draw, express myself at my most comfortable state as I feel it will help me produce even more inspiring artworks. If I do get it, the first thing I will do is make a really good sketch and show it to you all here on Patreon.
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