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ZEFYR LIFE is the new premium lifestyle digital film media on ‘The Art of Living’ in the sense of Montaigne and Epicurus. We aim to inspire our viewers by sharing intimate conversations and life stories from socially conscious high-achiever personalities who challenge the status-quo and who believe that the world can be changed if we first change ourselves.

We are interested in the human experience of these A-Listers, their passions, dreams and human struggles. We select these personalities not just because of their professional accomplishments, but also because of their soulfulness, including their own realization that they want to be human beings first and give back to the world.
ZEFYR LIFE seeks to offer an alternative proposition to the current media universe increasingly filled with content to throw, sensationalism, negativity and hatred. By being an independent, meaningful, interactive media built around a global family of world-conscious high-achievers.

Because yes, ZEFYR LIFE is first and foremost a Family. A Family of Spirit. A global Family. Rallying people who share a similar belief in the healing power of sharing our personal life stories as well as in the power of beauty, the arts and culture to improve the state of our small world.

Today we are offering you to join ZEFYR LIFE’s first Family Circle via Patreon. If you believe that the media have a major role to play in accelerating the human evolution towards Mankind 3.0 and want to become an active part of this movement, your meaningful contribution will help us sustain and accelerate our growth and deliver you with exciting new content every week.

In our private Group on Facebook we will be able to keep you updated on our progress as a company and on our various initiatives. This is also a place where we will be sharing exclusive content from our guests and behind the scenes, exchanging important ideas, getting to know each others better and, importantly, initiate exciting projects and life adventures together. You will also straight-away become a part of our ZEFYR LIFE Book Club and start enjoying our weekly recommendations.

The first 30 members will be receiving a copy of ‘Altruism : The Power Of Compassion to Change Yourself and the World’ written by our beloved ZEFYR LIFE Family member world renowned Bouddhist Monk, Humanitarian and Author Matthieu Ricard.

We are counting on your precious support at this important time when we are growing and when the world needs more wisdom and love, not hatred. We are looking forward to traveling together on that exciting journey of life. And in the process change our small world for the better.

Please come and pledge your support today, we will be most grateful that you did!

Should you have any questions we remain available directly via email.

With Love,

ZEFYR LIFE Co-Founders.
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