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About Zabon

Hi! My name is Zabon, a nerd. artist, gamer and the usual things.
I live for doing the things that I enjoy and as such I live for art creation and gaming.
On this page you wont get a steady supply of just one thing but a whole lot of different things, as such I´m not locking anything behind a paywall, except interactions, voting and such :P

the general things you will get out of this page is;
Art, I´m really into 3d right now so you can expect that but possibly other things later on or if asked.
Gaming, I´m going to stream now and then and will hopefully get a schedule later on.
Teachings, I am a person of focus and interest, I try to learn as much as I can about as much as I can, I also have high school and collage graduations in art and have been learning about things like technology and games for multiple years and I´ve been cooking for a few years now along with probably multiple other things I´m just not thinking about right now. Through life lessons I´ve also gotten really wise so I´d bee happy to answer questions about life and such things as well.

Oh, and I´m writing for a comic book with a pro artist and friend   ^.^

Tl:Dr; I do a lot and want to show you as much as I can as we hang out and have fun.

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