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About Zac Cox

Hi I'm Zac Cox. I have over 300,000 subscribers on YouTube and primarily upload videos for the average gamers out there! 

I have three goals with my videos that I hope people can ascertain and they are: 
1. Teaching the younger gamers out there about retro video games and how they pioneered the video game franchise and helped it evolve in to what we know and love so much today. 

2. Bring a sense of nostalgia back to the old school gamers who may not get the chance to sit down and play games anymore because you know... Sometimes life happens. 

I hope to make all around enjoyable content for people of all ages! 

While I primary upload videos about the Garnd Theft Auto franchise I am looking to expand into a new realm of videos. Outside of YouTube I have a passion for exploring abandoned and urban locations. I've loved doing this since I was a little kid and I am currently saving up to purchase professional camera gear to make this happen. 

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My goal of $1500 is to turn YouTube into a full time job! Doing this I will be able to create more than one video per day and expand my content into other categories. 

I love exploring abandoned and long forgotten locations and reaching this goal would help me buy the necessary camera and recording equipment to make this happen! 
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