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About Zach Weinersmith

What You Get

Tomorrow's Comic Today

$3/month - You get to see tomorrow's comic today.  In other words, I'm releasing all my comics one day early on Patreon.  It's like you're constantly living one day in the future.

Webcasted Livedraw

$5/month - A Live Draw Webcast for patrons only.  Once a month I'll take requests for a half hour during a webcasted livedraw session.  Come say things, and I'll draw things.


$10/month - A monthly Q&A video.  I'll keep a rolling list of questions from my $10 patrons, and a moderator will pick the 10 most popular/frequent ones for me to answer.  I might type up responses instead of doing a video - whatever seems to work best.

Custom SMBC Photo Album

$100/month - First of all, wow. Each month, pick your favorite SMBC cartoon, and I'll make a high quality print, doodle on it, and mail it to you.  Your friends will be jealous.
More info below in the rewards section!

A Little Bit About Me:

I'm a cartoonist who writes sometimes. My main project is called Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, which is a comic about just about everything from science to philosophy to economics to dirty jokes. It is updated every single day.
I also write gamebooks from time to time, and I'm hoping to get into novel writing.
I also run a fake lecture series show called The Festival of Bad Ad Hoc Hypotheses (BAHFest!) which will have its online video debut very soon.
I try to be diverse in my subject matter, so most of my time is spent reading. 
My wife is a research parasitologist, so inevitably some of your contributions will go to fund Science!

If you're unfamiliar with my work, here's what I do:

$6,706 of $8,500 per month
Every day, one new red-button bonus comic will be added to old strips that lack them!
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