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You must really like us! For your appreciation, you get to see the next comic whenever it's finished! Basically, the moment the comic is finished and in the back burner, you get to see it before anyone else does.

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You must really want to see how *breathes in* sharp these comics actually are. With this tier, you'll get all of the .psd files and the original hi-res images before they're compressed and stretched to fit the aspect ratio. Plus you'll get to see all the ridiculous notes I write to keep myself in check. (Files will be given once payment has been processed to deter flakers).




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About Vin Tin Nguyen

Who Are You?

Hello Patrons and Possible-Future-Patrons! My name is Vin. I am your quirky comic artist/actor whose currently writes and draws for the following comics!
My Darkling, Vin's Real Life and Stuff, and the upcoming Zeta Bitz Comic.
I especially like that fourth one.

Okay, but why are you here?
Glad you ask sir, madam, and formal word of person of any unspecified genders! I've been practicing in the world of digital arts since 2009, and honing my skills in traditional arts (i.e. water colors, pen & inks, acrylics). And as I reach into the meat of young adulthood, I find that it's going to be difficult to juggle between a hobby, a real job, and university at the same time.

Which is why I am here at Patreon, so that I will be able to merge my job and hobby together, so that I can put more effort onto my studies and my hobbies, thus giving my audience (and you Patrons and possible-future-patron) more entertainment from me!

What type of content am I funding?

Well, by funding me, you help fund my other comic projects, such as
My Darkling:

and other works such as this!
Psst! This is Zeta Bits.

My Darkling, Vin's Real Life and Stuff, and Zeta Bitz, will always remain free, as well as my other projects. I am not asking you to pay for these comics, as well as other projects and works.

Why should I fund this then?

As I said before, funding me would benefit me, as I would be able to find more time to be able to produce more content thus giving more for you to laugh at. Aside from that, with more funding, I might be able to hire other artists to assist me in help reviving other projects or building new ones (such as my long awaiting manga-styled comic that I wish to bring to the world on a weekly basis!)

Now I know what's in it for you, but what's in it for us Patrons?
Now that there is a crowd-funding website, such as yours truly, you can help fund my projects and rejoice in its perks!

And if you're into it, there's also a... *cough cough* special patreon coming later. *cough cough*

Anything else?

Nope! And I hope you enjoy the new content! THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
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