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About Zealot Script

Zealot Script is the host to Emerging Worlds Magazine, a weekly Speculative Fiction eZine.
We feature new and up-and-coming Science Fiction and Fantasy authors and aim to publish the best in new fiction on the site.

In addition to Emerging Worlds, ZS also brings you up to date news on the SFF industry, reviews of our reading lists and interviews in Indie authors.

We hate ads as much as you do and so are running the site ad-free. Support on Patreon will allow us to continue our mission of discovering new quality SFF authors and shining the spotlight on their work.

An increase in Patreon revenue would first be used to cover the operational costs of the site, webhosting etc.
After these costs are covered we plan to give the revenue back to the authors that produce the work that brings us all back to the genre.
We'd love to increase the author payments to match the top publications in the market.
With your support we can create something great!

If you (somehow) have found this page without coming through the website, check it out!

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If we achieve this then the site will no longer be running at a loss!
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