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You as a silver supporter will receive some awards like getting shouts-out in my videos, getting the latest Patreon-only news for my games, and get a key to open-betas after the early access stage. Thank you very much for the support.
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Thank you for your kind donation! You will receive everything from the last tier (closed beta key, news for my upcoming games) and a early access to all of my games.
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You are a very kind person giving me that amount of money. You helped me and my friends with making our games a reality. That's why we won't just give you a beta key, an early access key, and news for our games, but get us to thank you on our TeamSpeak server. So you will receive our private TeamSpeak IP.




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About Zedespook


Thank you for supporting me by watching my videos and streams, but SPECIAL thanks to those who supported me with a little cash. You gave me an opportunity to make games for you.

Newbie indie-game developer. I'm making video-games because they helped me in harder times, and I want to repay that favor by making my own game.

If I see the slightest potential in a concept than I'll stand by it, and not give up until it collapses on me.

Currently, I am working on a small dungeon crawler, which isn't a big project, but it's enough to entertain. The game is similar to the Binding of Isaac games, but I try to make it more of an RPG, meaning quests and stats will appear in the game, but it will be random where and when they'll appear.

I am planning to make an FPS as well. Although that project is just in the planning phase, with very little work done. I was originally planning to make a "battle-royale" game, but since the market is flooded with it. I kind of dumped the idea, and I want to make some unique title, rather than a game of a genre.

What am I doing with your money?
  • Buy food.
  • Buy better equipment (mic, PC etc.)
  • Making this a full-time job.
  • Making my game available on every platform.
  • Keep me motivated.
How do I benefit by supporting you?
  • You can get Patreon related rewards.
  • You can play the game before it's out.
  • You can be implemented in some way in the game.
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I want to prove that I am suitable for this kind of job.
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