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You'll get to read exclusive diaries about my life and travels, and see WIPs or early-access pieces before anyone else! You also get access to my private Telegram chat.
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You'll get to read exclusive Journey Tips that share my valuable advice and life experiences about making art and running a business. 

You'll also get access to downloads and other resources, and access to my private Telegram chat.
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NOTICE: I am taking a break for the month of August! Please do not join my Patreon during August unless you would like to leave a tip. I'll see you in September! Thank you!

I’m an artist from Chicago who’s now living in Nantes, France after living and traveling through New Zealand and Australia. I draw fantastical beasts and anthropomorphic animals, and I create resources (such as line art, reference photos and tutorials) for other artists and designers.

My goal is to make my art journey here on Patreon as amazing for you as it is for me. With that in mind, here's some of the features that come with your pledge.

Completed pieces 

Patrons always get to see my completed works first before anyone else. Sometimes this is just a few minutes early, other times it can be days or even months early.

Patrons also have the esteemed privilege of seeing any pieces I plan on submitting to art shows for the events I attend before anyone at the event itself. 

Custom Ink Cards

One reward that's unique just for my patrons and can't be purchased anywhere else are my custom postcard ink drawings! As part of traveling, I pick up postcard souvenirs, draw on them, and mail them to you from wherever I am. You get both a drawing you request and a memento from a place I've been.

These rewards are limited, so grab one while you can!


After growing up in Illinois, living in Chicago for my young adult life, spending three years in New Zealand, a year in Australia, and now living in France, I have a lot of stories and photos to share of my travels.

It hasn't always been sunsets and selfies; I write about both the adventurous and mundane, and am very honest when things go wrong. 

Journey Tips

So, I'm running a business based around my art. By myself. There's a lot to learn, both on how to create professional-quality art, and how to manage a successful business. I've had my ups and down, but the one constant is that I'm always learning.

As my patron, you'll learn as I learn, and get to read or watch my tutorials about how I create art or run my business, including mistakes to avoid.

...and more

My Patreon is evolving all the time, and as I grow I have even more things planned to reveal to patrons in the future (check out my GOALS for more details).

My patrons get to see works-in-progress of things I'm working on, learn about my art process when I share what I create, and are even supporting a growing library of video tutorials I'm creating. Patrons are also supporting my new livesteam on Twitch as I improve my setup and define my schedule.

Note: I ask ALL pledges for their shipping address, as even at the $2 level I sometimes ship extra gifts (such as prints or stickers). You could get something fun in your mailbox just by being a part of my journey!

I do my best to create quality work, run my business professionally, and improve my skills. To continue to create both my digital and traditional art, stream it to a worldwide audience, and host events where I share my life, travels and knowledge, I need the right subscriptions, hardware, and time for the job. Your pledges directly contribute to all that.

It's no joke: When you pledge, you can smile every time you see an art upload, live stream, diary, journey tip, or speaking event at a convention from me. Your pledge, however large or small, makes this whole journey possible.

I want my journey to be as amazing for you as it is for me, so I'm open to feedback at any time. This journey is yours, too. So choose your reward, and let's hit the road.

Thank you for your support!
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Smudge-proof field guide notes

My earlier field guide sketches are already getting a bit blurred with the wear and tear of wandering around. Why not draw something more permanent in ink? With an audience of 30, we'll upgrade our sketch to a traditional ink, and YOU will get to vote on what I should draw. I'll also make the ink for sale at a discount with early access to any patrons that might want the original.
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