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About Airam Zenemijil

Good day and welcome to my Patreon page. I'm so glad that you have decided to check-out my page and take a look at my works.

  • About Me and Why I'm in Patreon

Airam Zenemijil is a psuedoname but it's not far from my real one. I'll leave it to you to figure out to add a little mystery, then that could also be our little secret. I have been drawing since I learned how to hold a pencil. I started to write around the end of my grade school years. I always loved to lose myself in the worlds I build in my imagination and go to an adventure in the wide universe of my mind. Then from imagination, I started to write it on paper. From short stories to comicstrips. It was always fun making them and have my cousins and friends read them. Back then I didn't take it seriously. I was just a child expressing her love for art. Until I got into college, I took BS Biology, and then college work ate all of my time. I could no longer spend time to draw or write. It just felt like all of my thoughts and emotions got locked up inside with no way out,  and it all wanted to explode. It was then I realized that I lived throughout these years with art. Creating art had been my whole life, and I can't turn my back away from it. I almost did but it was suffocating.
When I started Defiant, I told myself that I'm not going to do this halfheartedly. Once I start it, I'm going to finish it and I am going to pour my everything in it.

I love the world I created. I love to continue building it up as much as I could.

I love the characters. The protagonists and the antagonists, alike. I love their personalities, quirks, and flaws.

Once I show these to the world, I want them to be presentable. I wrote their story, designed the characters, made maps, added more and more details to their world, edited, revised, like a never-ending cycle. I love what I do.
However, there are limits to what I can accomplish on my own. I want to continue creating but these limits are like a giant boulder that blocks the path I want to take.
I want to get my art and stories out for the world to see. So I decided to gamble my chances here in Patreon. I hope that with your help, I'll be able to get through these blocks. I want to be able to fill-up what I lack through your help.

  • Patron-exclusive rewards

As my patron, you will get access to more news stories, Q & A priority and my patreon-only feed. Novel-related rewards include but is not limkted to some of my early drafts, extra materials not included in the book like deleted scenes, character studies, stories about how I started the story, and references I used to create the characters and places. Comics-related rewards include but is not limited to access to some early character designs, details why I designed them that way, and random comics and sketches.
All patrons will receive a free e-book copy of my main novel, Defiant, once it's published.

  • What I do
I create 2 things: comicc/webtoon and novel. Both of them is about the same story entitled, "Defiant." These comics are published for free in Line Webtoons.

The Comics [Defiant]

》Omake Tales 
Short comics about the characters' daily normal life. Some scenes that are not in the novel because they don't have a big impact in the main plot. I mainly created this for humor and to get to know the characters better.

》Ader Tales
It is about past events that are not in the book. A more serious approach about what some characters think about other characters, events, and/or issues. It will mainly be seen in that character's point of view.

》Untold Tales
It is about past related events that is not included in the book. It could be as long a whole story arc.

The Novel [Defiant]
》The full detailed story.


"Everything that I am is a gift as well as a curse."

Rumors about an infamous Mage-sprout - Azalea "The Bewitched"- have been circling around the Hunter's Council. Such rumors tend to attract the attention of various organizations. It's easy to tell with the uncanny similarities the men inquiring often possess. These malicious gossips have produced troublesome situations for Azalea's demon hunting job. Most hunters are afraid to team-up with her and some people are reluctant to make a hunting request with her involved.

During her solo hunt in Dimatagpuan Region, four students from the renowned school, AB Academy, appears before her with an odd offer. This academy's Headmaster had grown a sudden interest in her skills as a Mage and he wants her to enroll as one of his scholars. It is the most unexpected offer which might as well bring the greatest change in her current lifestyle. Is she prepared to leave behind her normal daily life of hunting and fighting, to turn it around into an unusual daily life of socializing and schooling? How will she respond to her new environment as she learns more about who she really is?

*The novel will be published digitally when I get enough funding.

$0 of $250 per month
This goal will allow me to maintain my writing and art materials/techies. With this I can keep all the necessary things to keep up with my creative work. This goal also helps me save up to hire a professional copy-editor which is a much needed step for me to be able to publish my main novel, Defiant.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts
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