Daemian Blackwell

is creating A Gmod server
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Fancy knives
per month
You will have a line of code made so that you spawn with a knife of your choice from the CSGO pack.
Includes Discord rewards
Don't bring a knife to a gun fight!
per month
You will get previous tier bonus and a select pistol coded so that you will spawn with it. (This pistol may be changed for balancing purposes. Although unlikely.)
Includes Discord rewards
I see you before you see me.
per month
You will get previous tier bonus and You will have a select rifle that you will spawn with.
Includes Discord rewards




per month

About Daemian Blackwell

I am making a patreon to have a support center for GMOD server donations. The money will be used to give a better server experience.
You will be supporting the development of a community of servers that will be focused on pseudo realism and player enjoyement.

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