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"Project: End of Ends" - A Grand tribute to Lovecraft's Mythos.

Hello, my name is Zenn Frodo Macias. I am a Lone Wolf, cursed to wait for the moon to fall...

I am a Developer and Dreamer of strange Tales. I find myself typing notes and novels to nobody. An unknown artist and computer tech, lost to the currents of Time. I have always felt like an Outsider. A Stranger to this century, among the creatures we call Human.

I have been a Gamer my entire life, Video Games are my Passion! It is a lifestyle and hopefully someday it will be my actual profession. There are so many little things that make a game good. Life has been a profound journey and the pieces of the puzzles are coming together...

I have studied great stories over the years, from concepts to designs. I always had an interest in Creation Myths. My favorite concepts consisted of Time Travel, Alternate Timelines, and Paradox. My research has lead me to connections from Myths, History, and Religions. Which had become inspiration to create my own grand tale.

And now my life's work has begun.. I step forth and face the Great Unknown. My tales are deeply inspired by and are based off characters by H.P. Lovecraft and other Weird Tales writers. The inspiration from these Weird Tales that changed my life.

Edit: I now realize that my works could be closely comparable to that of August Derleth. My main goals have been to continue the great Saga and save these works from literary obscurity. In hopes that there might be clarity over confusion on what is what and more importantly who is who… 

The main theme will mostly be made up of ideas that are directly related to the Cthulhu Mythos and Weird Tales. A 'Lovecrafted' story implies that there is an homage and return to the Source. It takes a All-in-One perspective in the sense that all stories are interconnected. Where it all comes full circle and completes a Cycle. A perspective not so focused on One Human view, but more focused on Humanity as One..

Anything would help make my Dreams a Reality. So please, consider my words and possibly help create something truly amazing with me. I specialize in Character Design, I need to hire someone to help me animate. It would help move things along. If you are passionate about Lovecraft or the Chrono Series, i would like to read your input. Any concepts of Dreams or other Paradoxical Inspirations are also Welcome here.

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When your Sight is Right..
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