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About ZeosPantera

I want to expand both my video reviews (Headphones, Speakers, Amps, projectors and portable players) and also go deeper into the torrid world of Dac's, exotic sources, placement methods and maybe even do some vinyl. I plan to cover all these topics with simple write-up's, first person video tutorials, instructions for setup of anything reviewed on here.  As always my direct help with any questions you have via PM or in the comments of any post as I am working for your support!

I don't mess about and I like being honest above all else. The less you spend on equipment and the more informed you become throughout the happier you will be will all your future purchases.
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Hire a Full Time Employee to manage and deal with the new and more hectic Daily release schedule. This person would handle all my Email correspondence. Help with Yard-Sale Shipping and invoicing. Edit/watch unboxings to get those back up to snuff and finally they can cook healthy and meatless meals so I might live long enough to continue reviewing audio into the at least the twenty third century.
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