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About Christian Dawson

Hello there, you smart, strong, sexy individual. My name is Christian. I love to play video games. I also have an unhealthy infatuation with podcasts. I tend to think a lot...too much.

So I'm here to share my work with you. I put up a weekly podcast, semi-regular comics, app reviews, burger reviews, and so much more. I'm only truly happy when I'm creating and I want to share those creations with you. Even if only one project of mine resonates with you, then that's fine with me. I don't only want to consume what is out there, I want to help feed the masses.

I want to provide the same level of entertainment I've found over the years. If you think there's any value in my work, please consider pledging. Every little bit helps and I promise not to play any Sarah McLachlan.

Supported Projects
*The Unwashed Asses (Weekly Podcast)
*Friday Night Smite (Weekly Stream)
*Emily Says Boo (Semi-Regular Comic)
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