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Hello, my name is Joseph Nathan otherwise known as Zeus Savage and I am a music producer in the Norfolk, VA area. I made this Patreon page as a means to house my supporters until my site is fully up and running.

On Patreon there's 2 methods of payments. There's the one I'm currently employing which allows a monthly subscription fee that bills once every month in exchange for the services provided to you. Then there's the other option which bills whenever a post is uploaded. Because of how much I intend on posting I opted for the first method.

My main vision for starting this to begin with is to grow a fanbase, a community of people who love my stuff. People who want to help me achieve my dream of making this a full time thing.

My current main genres of music I create would have to be a mix of the trap, Hip Hop, RnB area. Sometimes I will step out my comfort zone to branch out into other genres such as EDM etc. However if I see people wanting me to make it, I will.

I've been producing for around 2 years now but have been playing music ever since i was a child starting with piano, soon upgraded to a variety of instruments such as the clarinet and acoustic guitar. 

Achievable things worth mentioning would range from performances in front of hundreds at a time, playing a song that I wrote when I was younger only to get a standing ovation. Another would have to be the 7 years I spent in band/marching band when your's truly was placed first chair through them all, even landed 2nd chair in all city. 

I truly thank you for sitting through and reading through my life story, and I hope we can work something out whether you're an artist, music producer or just a heart felt fan. See you inside!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 31 exclusive posts
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