is creating perlers, drawings and various other stuff.
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About Zhudoewoodoe

We are just a small arts and crafts group run by a few close cousins. You probably know us from our other pages, but if not, probably our Overwatch or Pokemon stuff as that is something that we all share in common. 
Between work and school, we are usually busy, but between the three of us, we tend to update and add new things to our wares all the time. We try to add new things before our events or conventions, especially our bigger ones. :)
We have events monthly so we tend to have new stuff every month.
Something that we do have planned however is to have all the Overwatch heros, in both perlers as well as stickers/charms so that is something to look forward to. 
Of course, we will also have a variety of other things so I hope you guys enjoy all the stuff we have/will have~

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