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Hello everyone,

My name is 'Zidane' and many of you know me for my work with Sponge, Spout, Vanilla (for Spout), and a number of plugins for the Bukkit framework. I began my Minecraft work back in 1.7.3 beta days when a family member convinced me to write a simple death message handler. That led me to wanting to run a server and therefore write content for my users to enjoy. Ultimately, Minecraft + Bukkit has its' limits which led me to the discovery of Spout

My history with Spout...
Spout is the very definition of evolution; at the start we were a group of people that wanted to push the limits of Bukkit and shatter walls. We started by extending Bukkit with SpoutcraftPlugin that exposed new client-side content with plugins made for SpoutcraftPluginAPI on Spoutcraft, the client mod. Spoutcraft had many features builtin; ranging from custom blocks and items to rich and powerful GUIs. We updated Spoutcraft from Pre-1.7.3 up to 1.2 Post-Release actively. To this day, Spoutcraft is still actively used.

Ultimately, each Minecraft update was incredibly painful and even with access to the client through being a mod built on MCP, we were inherently limited. We disliked being bound to Bukkit so we started the Spout "Custom Minecraft Server" project. This was originally a fork of SpaceManiac's Glowstone and we made a lot of progress. Over time, we made the decision to take what made Minecraft well Minecraft and put it into a plugin called Vanilla and turned Spout into a generic voxel engine. The idea was that a developer could take SpoutAPI and write your own game or install the Vanilla plugin and get a Minecraft "server-like" experience. So much so that Vanilla event supported Minecraft clients to connect with no modifications needed!

Unfortunately, time moved on and people went on with their lives. The team went their separate, mostly, ways and the project slowly died off. Fortunately people have used our code in many other projects. Which brings me to the current endeavor, Sponge.

After Spout died, I mostly stuck to doing minor projects and served as advisor to other groups. I got the call to "represent Spout" to the community after an incident caused Bukkit to no longer be viable. A couple of crazy days later, I find myself back in the hotseat of doing what I love: API and framework development known as Sponge. This project is being built from the ground up to be -the- Minecraft API with both mods and plugins in mind. We have many talented developers and dedicated community members working together to make this happen. I am confident that this project will become the greatest success the Minecraft community has ever had.

With your support, I want to use the experience I've gathered for the past 4 years and transform Sponge into the project this community needs and deserves. While money isn't everything, it would be the support I need to focus on getting the job done.

Thank you for reading!
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Fund my soda addiction! A caffeinated Zidane is a productive Zidane.
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