is creating the graphic novel: "Altruistic Complex"
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You get to see the comic drop, page by page. This adventure is HUGE and you're along for the ride!

The comic will eventually be digitally released for free, but you don't want to wait that long! See what happens NOW, not later - exclusive to you and AC's Kickstarter backers.

You're awesome and you have my deepest gratitude. This is the story I've been wanting to tell for 10 years and YOU'RE making it happen!
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Access to the private Altruistic Complex stream: See it taking shape, ask me anything, immerse yourself in the AC world!

Sit in on the magic - multiple streams a week; various scheduled time-slots: from dawn to dusk, a stream for every timezone!

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About Zillford

Before crowd-funding came along I was struggling to sell this story told in 20 page bites
If you'd like to read my old first pass at issue 1 check it out: http://zillford.deviantart.com/gallery/36356210

If you don't want to hear about the production thus far and just wanna hear about the comic jump down to the break!
I hope you have a dream -
Whether you want to change the world or just learn to play Stairway to Heaven on a guitar. 

I hope you strive for this dream -
Whether you tiredly fit it in between shifts at a factory or drop everything and chase your dream like it's prey; your last chance at food in a cracked and scalding desert.

I have a dream. My dream is to tell stories. Some are light and fun, some are harsh and serious, but the important thing is that they touch people, move and inspire people.

It's ALWAYS a struggle to pursue art: The pay's bad, the work uncertain, and I never really saw where I could find the hours to complete a project of any REAL magnitude without risking destitution. However, an opportunity presented itself in the form of Kickstarter and I jumped at it. 

While my goal was achieved and I believed my book to be funded, I had grossly underestimated the scope of my project: 3 complete re-writes later the book had grown from a planned 60 pages to around 100. Obviously I couldn't expect my backers to throw MORE money at me after the fact and I still owe it to them to deliver.
Once I was past the months that were funded to devote to the book I had to once again face the reality of paying bills while still producing pages. Splitting my time between gigs to make rent and the book amplified it's ETA exponentially. My backers despaired, understandably, and I grew discouraged: I KNEW I wasn't giving up on this book, but the task seemed doomed to stretch on for years.

This is where YOU come in! My hope is that through Patreon and your support I will not only be able to complete the overdue first book in the Altruistic Complex series but continue on to make the other five!
Your pledges will help produce a truly gripping adventure as well as allow me to do my BEST art and realize my dream! (All while making my previous supporters happy with some much needed expedience!)

What do supporters get?
+ New pages as the book approaches completion
Patrons and Kickstarters will get early-access to the book. The more pledges I get, the faster I can deliver pages. My hope is to get enough support to afford to post anywhere from 4-8 pages a month. (Don't forget you can cap your max pledge!)
+ Extras, behind-the-scenes stuff, and other goodies
Character designs, sketches, ideas that didn't make the cut. Hang with me in streams, watch how this stuff get's made, talk AC, comics, games, whatever!
+ Personalized, one-of-a-kind AC art
Pledge enough and you can get tailor-made AC art!

And if this succeeds, why stop there? I've got plans for an Altruistic Complex game, many other stories, and more! Let's make this happen!

-Walker "Zillford" Dunnington
$5 of $100 per finished page
Now we're cooking with gas!
This would make releasing pages a steady process!

Let's celebrate with a supporter exclusive AC picture; a full-color extravaganza masterpiece. You guys rock!
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