is creating hand-drawn resources for D&D/RPG/Tabletop in a digital format.
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About Zoink

Hello there boys and gals, Lords and Ladies, knights and priestessess, dungeoneers and explorers, and welcome to Zoink's Emporium of odd ends, tinkered trinkets and boggling baubles. If you didn't know you wanted it you'll find it here! So step right in.

 Being the DM of my friends D&D group as well as the fortunate owner of an iPad and an Apple pencil I've found a quite sizeable amount of joy in making graphical resources for use in my games. When we played back in our heyday I used to draw maps on graph paper and draw items on little slips of paper. Returning to the table some 20 years later I first started making resources to use with the digital tabletop rpg simulator Fantasy Grounds; maps, scenes, items, portraits, tokens and everything in between. After some time in FG, finding the nostalgia skittering across our dice-hungry palms too much to bear, my group and I once again sharpened our pencils, straightened out our character sheets and went back to full-blown pen and paper tabletop role-playing. And much to me surprise I've found that the need, or perhaps rather use, or want for, visual aids, terrain and other graphical additions I can make to enhance our games are even more prevalent in our PnP games than they were in FG; POGs, maps, tiles, terrain, item cards, scenery, handouts and other 2D resources that I can crank out are only limited by my fantasy, the time available and my own limited skill.

What I can offer you as a patron is downloadable pdf-files of my various drawings, for use in your own games. :)

For now I've been creating stuff only for my own games, stuff that I'd need myself, but hopefully further down the line, if other players and DMs would be interested, I could start making commissions or take suggestions for specific stuff.

I hope you enjoy what I make, and that you will find a use for my stuff in your own games.

Here's a link to my first "show and tell" post: https://www.patreon.com/posts/17721342

Thanks and regards!
- Zoink
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I'll do a monthly poll to make patrons able to influence what type and setting of asset I should work on for at least one of my monthly submissions. Eg. Forest terrain, undead pogs, deserted mine map etc.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts
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