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About Zombroz

What is Zombroz?

For over 3 years now the Zombroz team has been creating weekly a podcast dedicated to the amazing world of Call of Duty Zombies. Zombroz is now the longest running and biggest podcast dedicated to Zombies. Hosted by Radaustin27 (Reed) and JohnyJ25 (John), they provide in-depth analsys of the Call of Duty Zombies storyline and the latest theorize, review and react to the latest news in the community and discuss the hard hitting topics in pressing the community like why Die Rise is the greatest map ever. As the largest podcast in the community, Zombroz has been fortionate enough to host extend interviews with the directors of Zombies like Jason Blundell of Black Ops 4 Zombies and Cameron Dayton of World War 2 Zombies. Every week there is new news about the undead and John and Reed are always ready to tackle it!

What are we creating?

The Zombroz team will continue to create the Zombroz podcast you all know and love. By supporting the show on Patreon you will enable us to invest more time and money into the show. The quality of the show will increase as investing in better equipment such as a stream deck and microphones. We can also use this money to invest in bigger projects under the Zombroz brand to create content we would never be able to otherwise. Patrons of the show will also receive a number of amazing perks such as exclusive Zombroz merchandise such as posters, mugs and T-shirts, entrance into exclusive Patreon giveaways, access to bonus episodes and more!

Thank you all of those who have supported the show,
John and Reed
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