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I like all types of games and I love making videos about them. New or Old if I am Playing I will make a video out of it. Consider contributing to help me make more videos in the future.
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Shout-Out and Discord
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You will be awarded the Noble Discord title allowing for you to post images on the discord server. Your name will be given a shout out at the end of every stream every month you are a patron. As well as your name permanently incorporated into the maps.  

Includes Discord rewards
Server Pass
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This proves you are generous enough to give currency to allow me to continue playing on. You will be awarded the rewards of the previous ranks as well as the Discord rank of Lord that gives you access to private chat rooms and private text rooms. This also gives access to special servers that I host on multiple games.  This will also give access to two months worth of tournaments so you can try them out.

Includes Discord rewards
Tournament Pass
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This tier is for those who want to go above and beyond the call of duty. This will also grant access to tournaments that are hosted every month with prize money for the winner. This gives 1 year of tournament access as well as the previous discord ranks on my server. You can have a special event happen on stream in your honor.

$0 of $150 per month
This is a goal that would allow me to keep doing what I love.
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