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Hey there! Thanks for stopping by!

I'm ZoranTheBear, and I create video content on outlets like Youtube and Twitch. I make it my personal joy to make videos and provide internet content for thousands of people to enjoy.

Just like tons of others on the internet. I primarily do Youtube and Twitch part time after my day job. Along with voice acting on (possibly) some of your favorite shows! Namely If the Emperor had a Text to Speech Device series, as I voice LEMAN RUSS on it!

People supporting me here and on other platforms really help me continue to work hard and provide you all with some unique content! So thank you for stopping by!

Video Essays:

Mod Showcases

I really love the work and compassion that goes into creating a mod. Especially full conversion mods that takes the feel and aesthetic of a world they love. And apply it to the game play of some of their most beloved titles.

Are there any rewards for me giving you money?

No, not really.
Well, besides a discord rank. Which is really just an easier way for me to talk to you all. I do not provide anything major for you donating to me.

Why? Well. I would like to earn your business and appreciation straight from my content. Patreon for me is more of a "Hey, I like what you do and I want to help. Take some dollars to keep you fed!."
I do not feel it's right to gate my content behind paywalls. I want all of my content free and available 24/7. Nor do I want to dangle a carrot on a stick to make a grab for your money. So no major top secret videos on my patreon posts. No super secret polls. No super secret zoran hawt pix. This is just a tip jar because you may like what I do and wanna help keep it going.

If my content is entertaining and good to you. Then I hope I am deserving of a dollar from you. But, look after yourself first. I don't want to hurt your financial situation.

Anything else?

If you're curious on where to contact me. Or to view my content. All of the links will be down below! Once again, thanks for reading this far and for your time!
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The hobby is now a job! More content, more fun!
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