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You'll gain access to my Patreon blog, where I'll be posting a bunch of behind the scenes stuff! Find out future videos, my creative process, and possibly complaints about daily life! Your name will also be included in the ending slate of my videos as a patron!
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About Zurachi

My name is Lorenzo AKA Zurachi. I'm a musician that produces video game covers on YouTube! 

What is Patreon?
Patreon provides you a way to support me by donating a tip every time I release content! It also provides me a way to reward you accordingly through a donation tier system.

I want to improve my content and create MORE of it!

Making music is fun. Video games are fun. With both of that in mind, I love making music that celebrates all the video game franchises that I enjoy. I also love making original music.

I want to make more music, while constantly pushing to improve myself. With your help, I can turn this into something that's more than a passion.

Why should you donate?
Making content takes a lot of my time & energy. The reality is that I'm an adult with bills to pay, and YouTube alone doesn't pay me nearly enough to make a proper living. As a result, I have to spend most of my time working other jobs. Naturally, this holds me back from producing as much quality content as I want to.

This is where you can step in!

Your donations will help me:
- Invest in equipment & items that improve the quality of my content

- Spend more time on creating more & better content
- Spend less time working different jobs trying to make ends meet
- Do what I love to do while making a proper living

Donating is OPTIONAL!
If you can't donate, that's okay! My content on YouTube will always be free. I will continue making videos and music to the best of my ability, because it's what I love doing. I'm extremely thankful for any kind of support you give me, even if it's just simply watching and sharing my content.

NOTE: Any video I release on YouTube that isn't music related will be treated as a bonus video, so you won't be charged.

Thank you for helping me make this possible.
$15 of $50 per Music Video
Let's face it, starving's kind of lame. But being able to afford food isn't!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
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