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  • My help with scenes, photos, quotes (If you can not find or download I will send you any of them) 
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  • Making thumbnails
  • I will share my colorings
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About Zurik23M

Hello everybody! My name is Zurab ( Zurik23M on youtube) and I'm a video editor. I can not describe in words how much I love to make a videos. Right now video editing is absolutely everything in my life. Youtube is already my home, I'm always glad to read comments and respond to them, consult with subscribers and colleagues and take part in anything related to editing. I am infinitely grateful for all beautiful and a kind words that I hear.

I created this page for your support of my creativity and I will be happy with any help.
From myself: I will try to improve my skills as much as possible so that you get even more pleasure from watching my videos. I plan to do a lot of videos for different, new or old shows; learn new softwares; create something completely new and unique and one day become a professional video editor. I hope my dream will come true.
$10 of $200 per month
For the development of the channel and the creation of the second channel. Soon there will be live streams, reactions and much more. 
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