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The 'A Letter' Tier may be the lowest but are definitely not the unworthy. In the 'A Letter' Tier, you have the chance to see:
-simple doodle of a character
-Brief Description
'A Word'
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'A Word' Tier is just one step up, and you guys are another step more awesome. With this tier you get:
-More detailed drawing of characters
-Little bit of backstory of characters
-Everything else from previous tier
'A sentence' Tier
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'A Sentence' Tier are pretty awesome people and are also those who get to know and see the following:
-A finished sketch of the character
-Full backstory
-Name mentioned in upcoming chapter of story choice
-Everything else in previous tiers




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About Lily Tiger

Hey guys! My name is Lily Tiger, or LT for short. I wanted to say thank you for stopping by and checking this page out and an even bigger thanks to those who are supporting what I write and love to do. I mostly write on this website below:
But, I'll be posting several things here that are exclusive to several stories on that website. Again, thank you for stopping by and please stay a while and look around. And who knows, you may actually want to be a supporter and for that, I thank you. :D
$50 of $100 per null
Having goals is one of the many things that certainly help bring inspiration and motivation. Every time we hit the goal, I'll create a special never-before-seen chapter of reader's choice
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