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About Victoria Pérez

I write about culture, tech and social topics at Spanish press. I'm a columnist for Xataka and my work also appears in Gizmodo ES, Hipertextual, and Vice España, among others.
If you are interested in reading more of my press writing, all links are provided here.

As I'm a minimalist I have been interviewed and/or received media coverage about. Here you can see it. I am half famous for this, I had a blog in 2008 with almost 2 thousand subscribers who were following my opinion about minimalist lifestyle, productivity and books.

I believe the public deserves to know about everithing. It's the reason why I started doing journalism: I wanted reach as people as be possible. But media shouldn't inform with traffic on mind or their ideology on agendas, and this is the reality that I face with mainstream media today.

I simply can't write to whatever, even If I fell it as a important topic, because press just want specific post. They don't let me do nothing better.
I felt free to write about anything when I was a blogger, but I have bills to pay and I can not stop doing the kinds of content that make money. So, I decided that maybe it would be a good idea to sell my extra pieces directly to the public.
When you become a patron of my work, you're giving a voice to truly creators, no matter how not viral they may be. I hope that you'll join me in standing up for free speech, press freedom, and remote and independent journalism based in facts instead of identity politics or the

~Although I know English, keep in mind that my articles will be written in Spanish~.
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