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About virgilio

I find myself perpetually paralysed by fear. The less privilege you have, the more this seems to happen, whether we realize it or not. Its a reoccurring, unpredictable, cyclical, and painful stumbling block. I also find myself perpetually furious. At too many truths, many that I address in fiction for lack of resources to address it in our lives. This is my best attempt to survive, or revolt, before its too late. And if this works out, then I hope this becomes our successful revolution.
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At $2000 per month my wife can quit her unfortunate job and pursue her brilliant creative ambitions, and we can still afford to pay our bills. Revenue earned in excess of $2000 can start going towards Revolutionary movements by the people, for the people, where all of us believe its needed most. I haven't worked out how we'll do this yet, but we will.
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