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By pledging 1$, you earn my ABSOLUTE gratitude! It lets me know that even though you're going through a tight spot, you STILL want to support me and my art, and that's just the world to me. 
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The 2$ pledge earns you:
- Works in Progress sketch downloads

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10$ pledge earns you:
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- One entry in a monthly request sketch raffle!




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About PixlSugr

Hi guys! My name is PixlSugr, and I’m a designer for my own shirt company, PixlSugr! I play Smash Ultimate competitively, and I use my platform as an artist and player to give more of a voice to women and LGBT+ players! 
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This would allow me to at least be able to pay for my living expenses! Overtime, I will increase this goal to be able to purchase better equipment to aid in my production.
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