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Receive weekly digital solutions to your normal human problems. Solutions will be in either of the following formats: jpg, txt, or surprises.

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Receive monthly digital solutions in form of mp3, wav, or mp4.

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Digital Solutions will cure human problems with software, audio, and video. Available for Windows or Mac only.



About Digital Solutions

The internet is a void. Make it bigger by placing more into that void. Afterwards call us, Digital Solutions. We will solve the problems we helped create.

We offer:
  • Musical solutions to compliment various forms of anxiety
  • Musical solutions that create various forms of anxiety
  • Distracting videos
  • Time Funnels--engage in activities that waste your time
  • Dark Patterns
  • Nearly useful apps

  • What are you? We solve problems that are best executed through technological means
  • Who is behind this? Thought leader and innovator, Estevan Carlos Benson
  • Isn't Estevan an Los Angeles based new media artist who once did a remix for Nine Inch Nails? Sort of
  • Isn't Estevan also a VJ for musical acts like Erykah Badu and Tickle Torture? Sure
  • Isn't he also a lecturer at USC and Art Center? I do other things too
  • So is this like a some company or something? Yes
  • Why should I pay for this? Technology costs money
  • What will the software be like? It will be built in Java, Javascript, or C++ 
  • I'm not sure I get it. Relax
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