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Historically, many ancient wisdom spiritualists have said that there is a unifying force that binds all things together; it animates living things, whose core frequency is love. Now, scientists are not only claiming that a universal field exist, but we are co-creating it with our every thought and feeling.

Moreover in classical science, the notion that we are simply the bodies that produces energy is now being debunked by quantum physics, which states, we are the energy that produces our bodies. Essentially, we are the energy of the universe, and the universe is us.

We are living in a time like no other. As Greg Braden puts it, some things we do now may have irreversible consequences. We can now change weather patterns prossibly causing hurricanes. We can change a cell down to it's DNA possibly making designer babies. With virtual reality at our fingertips, who knows what the consequences of that will be.

What kind of responsibility do we have to ourselves, each other and the universe that we live? Do we have the luxury to remain detached and unaffected by someone elses miss fortune?

We at aSe Energetics believe what affects one, affects us all. Through heart centered living, where we open our hearts and allow it's compassion to reign supreme, we can all help usher in this new age; The age of enlightenment.
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