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Welcome to my Patreon! I make all kinds of online content, mostly videos, and this patreon is a chance for people to support my creations. While the content I create doesn't live behind a pay wall and doesn't generate 'rewards', here's what sponsoring me will do:
- Support the content you want to see
- Get a say on what future topics and videos will be about
- Be the first to hear from me on any new projects or opportunities
- Recieve my undying gratitude 
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Local Urchin
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Friend of the stream and supporter of the channel
  • You will be first to hear of upcoming productions and work
  • Get a say on upcoming videos and choice of cryptids
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Generous comrade and a companion on this journey
  • All the benefits of Local Urchin
  • Vote on what games/topics get filmed/streamed
  • Shout outs in bio
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If Reef Regular fills then it will be expanded and a higher tier will be added plus:
  • A simple reward and commemoration of the original 10
  • I will work on creating rewards for future patrons
  • More time will be made for editing videos for my second channel
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