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is creating dope visual, written, and verbal content. And I sew a little.
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About Aaronica Cole

I'm Aaronica.
That's way easier to write than say--it often sounds like Veronica or Moronica. But it's Aaronica. 

So I'm a writer, speaker, and creator of awesome things. 

In 2015, I started  The Crunchy Mommy as a place to share information that I'd learned through my own trial and errors as a mom, wife, and creator that desires to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. I'm a believer that Mother Nature has given us the tools that we need to heal both ourselves and the Earth. 

During this time I also picked sewing back up as a hobby. I sold quite a few things in my store that I had to shut down because I couldn't manage it all by myself. I still sew but now it's on a smaller scale. I started  The Needle And The Belle to document some of my pieces that I've made and share more about sewing. 

Did I mention that I homeschool 3 children?

Your pledges will help me do the following:
  • Spend more time writing. I have a couple of books in the works that are aimed at helping moms and those struggling going through life.
  • Buy fabric in bulk at a discounted rate so that I can begin to start a clothing label.
  • Create e-courses for sewing, setting up workflows for moms, and more. 
  • Hire someone to do more of the mundane tasks so I can focus on creative things.
  • Start a podcast.
  • And more... 
Interested in a one-time donation? Feel free to send some love to paypal.me/thecrunchymommy .
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