Aaron Nathanael

is creating Digital and analog art, music, videos, writing and painting

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A lot of potential wants to be seen from you. Thank you so much for your questions and answers  <3

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Man if youre so interested in me why not write me an message whenever you want iam always interested in deep coonversations about your neighbours cat looking into the hyperspace. be afraid or i will kill you now its hard to be that ugly in the internet iam so scared nobodys finds my cat on your neibghourhs shitt"!! if the cats would miau so loud that the stars are colliding i like to sip on my coffe and press pause ... or maybe better a cup of tea?

special magic
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wow crazy youre so smart i would love to see your sword in action...




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                                       Hey Guys

First Off: the biggest reason i wanted to create this patreon acoount for, is for buying me a new pair of studio monitors. . Right now i feel like i have to write a roman on a charred piece of Paper. its like painting the sun in a dark room. putting in a lot of effort in things you can not really see (and (or) hear) iTs a little frustrating....

With a set of monitors that is suitable for professional mastering i can create a track in one evening without having to worry about the mixdown or the right dynamic
(iam betting on the Genelec or Neumann Speaker Series)

Every Patreon will get all my music + exclusive stems for free
And also A lot of sample packs... i like making them ... with the recordings nobody ever heard ;)

My Project for the near future, after getting enough money for a new sound system , is doing mixing and mastering services and tutorials, recording and creating music, spontaneous and in one go, uploading them instantly for my patreons (or if you want to you can buy it at bandcamp) Every track i made has a totaly different feel to it because i feel like to create unknown sounds and scapes every time. Harmonically, Melodically as much as Timbre and deeper sound structure. Worlds nobody ever heard of before.. and you know thats quite a exiting challenge in music ;)
I also like writing books about some meta spiritual stuff and about mystic secrets that exist in our magical world :)
Iam home in a lot of different genres (from classical film music, to extreme brutal techno,trap or some jazz in between...;) i like every color of the rainbow and i like to sample my own recordings or use a wide set of professional samples like kontakt librarys for fast creating.(even if own recordings are more individual and detailed(the golden detail lies in the broken form of perfektion) https://soundcloud.com/aaron-nathanael

All in all i like complex changing harmonies and layering big natural soundscapes.

in music and in every other form of art like fraktal paintings or music visualization videos.
And iam very looking forward to the future of oscilloscope music as i bougth myself osci studio too.
And i the far future iam looking for people who are realising a planar radiator speaker for consumer use.

And even if you just follow me you will definetly hear(see) me making oscilloscope music.
And if my bank account gets well,
you will see me making music with plants.
playing as a dou or a orchestra....

making kirlian photgraphy and videography of it. ;)

I love to make wishes
but if i have to make one for me its hard to give it for others
so fullfill my one wish so i can give you endless loving on my endless loving way
i wish to make love

radiating from within
My speakers

another very  if not the most exting thing for me ist that matter changes its structure trough your energised information  sing to a bowl of water and look at its molekular state changing to your singing ... then you can see you are already god. ready for everything. Cabable of almost anything ;)

If you want to be sure of my qualities and skillz as an producer you can buy my album at bandcamp in the near future (or listen to each track 3 times before you have to buy it)
of course.. if youre a patreaon and payed me 21 euros you also get my album as a download ;)


$1 of $50 per month
wow iam so exited i would have never believed that paying off my my debts would be so lovingly easy .. thank you so much
my oscilloscope is already running hot... ;) at this goal i will make a special music video for every patreon.
And there will be a special sample pack celebrating our success

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