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About Åsmund Vikane

I've been actively developing a tiling window manager for OS X by the name of Kwm. It started as a project to achieve focus follows mouse, and have since been extended quite a bit. In its current state, Kwm may resemble the linux window manager known as "Bspwm", as they are both based upon binary space partitioning, and uses a local client -> server structure for interacting with the window manager.

I started development of Kwm because I found  the current tiling window managers for OS X to be lacking a lot of features, and will keep improving it over time as I use this myself every day.

Kwm is free and open source, and will always remain so. The source code can be found on my github profile.

Early 2017 I began a complete rewrite called Chunkwm. I learned a lot during the development of Kwm (now deprecated), and felt that major architectural changes was necessary to provide a more robust and reliable user-experience. Chunkwm provides the same functionality as Kwm, but better, and also provides many new features. It is built using a plugin architecture which allows other developers to either extend existing functionality or build their own.

Chunkwm is also free and open source. The code is licensed under the MIT License, and the source is available on my github profile.

For more information, visit: https://koekeishiya.github.io/chunkwm/

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