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You find value in our series, and we are so humbled. 


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With your contribution you allow us to pay for a drink at the local hole in the wall which comes with a side of Wifi that takes 5+ hours to upload our 15 minute video :)


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Seriously, you are the greatest. You not only allow us to continue to accomplish our dreams but you also allow Lucidity to get back out on the big blue and satisfy her dire need for adventure and new anchorages. Know that with all you do for us, you leave no lady more exhilarated than Luci herself.

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About Abandon Comfort

Aloha - Bienvenidos - Välkommen - 歡迎光臨 - Salve - Karibuni - ようこそ - Kon'nichiwa - Welcome!

Where to begin? Without you, none and we repeat none of this is possible. No, we aren't asking you to buy a boat for us or contribute so we can sail the Caribbean, we got that all covered. But in order for us to share our journey through expensive video cameras, high definition audio equipment, and shotty wifi at the local tropical cafe we need your help. Editing videos take A LOT of time and in order for us to make weekly episodes, we need to be doing this full-time.

So who are we? We are Ryan & Kelsey, two Americans in our mid-20s driven by a devout desire to experience all that planet Earth has to offer. We started our journey with $50k in debt, paid it all off in 1.5 years and are now preparing to sail the Caribbean aboard our Falmouth Cutter 22 named Lucidity. We accomplished this through minimalism and frugality, and hope to inspire you to do the same with your own great adventure. We believe life is best lived as an adventure, and true adventure is only found outside our comfort zones.

With your contribution to our journey, we will provide you with the PATRONS PASSWORD to see the rewards you earn as a Patron, some free AC gear and most importantly being able to view ALL new episodes a week before they are released to the public. **You will never be charged for more than 1 episode a week** ALL REWARDS ship after 2 completed contributions. 

We are deeply humbled by your support and we can't wait to share this life of adventure with you all.

With Love,
Ryan & Kelsey

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This is where we plan to get creative. At this goal, AC becomes completely self-sufficient and we get to focus solely on creating better content for you. Since you're part of our AC Crew, you understand this is a full-time job for both of us and that YouTube doesn't provide a fair share of ad revenue and we can't thank you enough for your awareness. You know for us to do this long-term and continue sharing our journey, this is the total $ amount we need to sustain in the coming years. However, since we are frugal and understand spending NEVER equals happiness we'll be giving a lot back to our AC Crew once we beef up our emergency savings & get a retirement account going. We'll be looking to set up adventures for all Patrons to win via our AC Rewards Dashboard to join us on whatever excursion we're planning. This gets us really excited and we hope it does the same for you :)
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