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Hello and welcome to my Patreon page.

What I do is teach people how to come out of the socio political trance that society indoctrinates us into.

Let me try and simplify that statement. Have you ever seen people
do crazy stuff for a stage hypnotist? Well when people are in trance their beliefs and actions can be contrary to common sense. Usually at the end of the show the hypnotist brings the subject out of trance.

But in this crazy world that we live in there are millions of people living their lives in deep trance. And the master hypnotists are the university professors who indoctrinate the students to become social justice warriors, who grow up to become school teachers, politicians, celebrities, and talk show hosts. Some of these people become lawyers, judges and work for the Police Force.

So we have a situation where millions – if not billions of people are living their lives in trance. There is some crazy stuff going on in the world. Truth is now considered to be hate speech. Truth is no longer a defence in a court of law in some countries. So what do we do? We fight for the common good of mankind. We learn how to induce trance – we learn how to recognise trance – and then we learn how to bring people out of trance.

So when you hear me say, “Challenge everything for the truth” – what I am saying is wake up out of your trance and come back into sensory based reality. This is the only way that we save the world from disappearing into a deep black hole.

Are you with me? By becoming my Patron you gain membership to my team. As an individual we can only do so much but working as a team we can make a positive impact upon the world.

To that end we need to get to know each other – and two ways we can do that is through our Patreon activity page and our Facebook Peace Mapping Group.

Most importantly I want you to know that this is not about me raising money for my business. This is about you. I want you to understand that you are number one. You are the most important person in the world and it is your participation that will help transform the world.

So tell me what you want. Tell me how you think we should build this team. Tell me what role you want to play – and show me how to do it. This is an opportunity for you to self actualise and live your greatness. I have just created the space for you to do so.

One of the prime advantages of being my Patron are you will stay in the loop by having access to the Patron only activity feed. This means you will get notification of videos as they are uploaded. There are a host of other rewards you get which are outlined on my Patreon page.

So please take this opportunity to make your pledge – what feels best to you? The wombats - the koalas or the kangaroos?

Once you have made your pledge then please introduce yourself in the activity feed and let me know what part you want to play in waking up the world. And remember to keep on challenging everything for the truth.

1. When I get my first Patron I will feel a sense of gratitude.
2. When I get 10 Patrons I will print my designs on t-shirts.

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2. Offer expires if the patron cancels or down grades to a lower level.

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  • Access to patron-only content.
  • Patron-only polls.
  • Notification of where I post the videos.
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When I get my first Patron I will feel a sense of gratitude.
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