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About Abby Howard

Hello, friends! I make Junior Scientist Power Hour and The Last Halloween, two comics which you should totally read, as my mom says they are very good. They are both free to read on the internet, but they are not free for me to make. So if you'd like, you can help me make my comics by supporting me on Patreon!

And if you decide to pledge, you get access to all sorts of special Patreon-only content and activities. In return for pledging just $1 a month, you get exclusive access to weekly journal comics, like this one about an after-school animal design class I taught this spring:

And if you decide to pledge $2 a month, you also get access to the weekly "extinct creatures" posts where I sketch and discuss various ancient beasts:

And if you decide to pledge as much as $5 a month, you get access to big monthly sketchbook excerpts-- chunks of sketches from 7-10 sketchbook pages at a time, showing the process of designing TLH monsters, learning how to draw ancient beasts, warming up with figure studies, and cooling down with drawings of... Digimon, probably. 

If you are a very cool person and would like to pledge $10, you'll be invited to play Jackbox games (or other party games, if we get sick of those) with me, maybe my sister, and the other $10 tier patrons once every month! Don't have friends who like these fun games? Well now you do. Come play with us!

On top of all that, you will be helping me make my comics and feed my cat, which is the greatest reward of all.

Thanks for reading! Bye!!
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Yes indeed, if I hit this insane number, my sister and I will start doing a twice-monthly podcast together. You haven't met my sister yet but..... you will love her. Maybe as much as you love me
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