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is creating Fantasy Art and Comics
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• Digital Sketchbook
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•Digital Sketchbook
•Process Video
•Insider Videos



About Martin Abel

Hi there! My name is Martin Abel, I am an independent artist creating pinups, fantasy art and working in comics/gaming.

Chances are if you are here looking at my page, you most likely already follow on facebook or instagram. Which is fantastic! But when you become one of my Patrons not only do you get some exclusively awesome rewards, but you are helping me to continue to make art and work on my passion projects.

How do you support and what do you get?
I have tried to make the rewards really simple, there are 3 options:
Contributor, Insider and Collector.


Every month I spend days designing a digital book compiling all the months work, with descriptions, notes and creator insights. Grab a cuppa and have a read!

NEW! Starting in 2019, this book will now include 4 pages of my new graphic novel as schedule permits. By supporting me on Patreon you are helping me bring this story to life and being the first to read it! And I will love you for helping out!!!

                                             You will also receive:

On this level you will also receive an exclusive process video of me creating some of the art from that month, both sped up to see overall process, but also with real time segments.


Every week, I'll be sending you a short video with insights into my creative process, current projects, and adventures. These videos will show you much more about who I am, not only as an artist, but as a person who is on this journey of life and art.

I'll show you around my Studio, through my sketchbooks, into my city of Hobart and my artistic travels around Australia and more recently England and Scotland.

I'm also eager to talk about specific art and life topics that you can suggest right here on Patreon.

You'll also receive the Digital Sketchbook/comic pages and the process video every month.


As a Collector, you will receive a printed copy of the Monthly sketchbook, which comes signed and numbered out of 40, delivered direct to your door worldwide. No additional postage fees!

You will also receive the digital version, and the Process video every month!

These 3 levels are just the reward guidelines. Don't forget that you can manually nominate what dollar amount you want to support. You can give $1 a month and share this page and our posts around with your friends, OR you can give as much or as little as you want. 

The rewards you receive are based on the minimum prices in the above options.

It really is amazing over the past 2 years of patreon, just how often, the support given here is the ONLY reason there is food on our table to eat and wood in the shed to light the fireplace to keep us warm. And it is for that, to everyone past, present and future.
I thank you from the very deepest parts of my heart.

You guys are the reason I can keep exploring creatively!

Marty J. Abel


Just for becoming one of our Patrons you will receive these awesome extras:

 • Get access to 2 months of rewards instantly
 • Selected original artwork will be available to purchase ONLY to Patrons
 • Instantly get a - 25% off PRINTS discount code to use on our online store as much as you like (just remember to write it down from the Thank you for subscribing page.)

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions please shoot us a message! 

How does Patreon work and what exactly is it?

Patreon is similar to kickstarter. However instead of pledging one single project, you will be supporting an artist or musician by an on going subscription. Kind of like busking over the internet.
By supporting someone each month with as little as $1 you are helping them continue creating! As a reward for your support you typically receive (depending on the busker) digital content or products.

What currency are your rewards in and can I still be a Patron if I am from another country?

All rewards are in US Dollars. You can be a Patron from anywhere in the world with any currency, there is no extra costs. Patreon takes care of everything and then we are creators cover the processing and conversion fees. 

When will I get charged and how often will I be charged?

We have set up our page for monthly subscriptions, you will be charged on the 1st of every month and the digital reward is out within the week to download. Typically via a download link on the page here. 

You will never be charged more then once within the month and you can change your reward option at anytime. So if you want to drop down to $1 for a while, by all means you can.

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