ali beaton

is creating watercolor, mixed media
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About ali beaton

Sometimes I paint! Sometimes I screenprint! Sometimes I glue random broken stuff or little scraps of paper on to boards and throw ink at it and say "wow, I am a freakin genius". 

I work an IT job by day but I have always had a creative mind. I lost most of my vision in 2015 and took up watercolor and sketching to help me cope. I found that I actually really like doing it! I eventually had surgery and regained most of my vision, which makes painting, printing, and gluing a whole lot easier.

I also found that it's not cheap to use quality materials and produce work that I am proud of. That's what brings me here. I know that my work is not going to end up in museums (except for the Museum of Bad Art) but I also know that it entertains people and provides some release for me. 
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