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If you contribute even just a dollar per chicken drawing, you will make me smile. I might even say "yay" out loud, to no one in the room with me!
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Three dollars!

You will make me smile.

You will gain access to behind-the-scenes snapshots of my projects. Answer the chicken and egg question once and for all, and see how a chicken is made.
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per Chicken drawing
You will make me smile.

You will learn how a chicken is made.

I will name a chicken after you or a person of your choosing. Not a real chicken, just a chicken that I drew. There will a chicken illustration with your name on it. You will be famous.




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About Abi

I draw chickens. Mostly just for people in my life, like my parents and my sister.

I'd like to draw chickens for you. I'd also like to make a living wage as a writer. Maybe we can work something out.

On this here Patreon page, you can pledge to pay me a sum of money for every chicken I draw and upload. You can also set a monthly cap on that pledge so your hard-earned cash doesn't fly the coop without your approval.

I'm starting this campaign by making two of my chicken illustrations (originally made for my mom & dad) available to you on this site. I hope you enjoy my friendly fowl.
$5 of $150 per Chicken drawing
If I can make $150 per chicken, that's enough for me to subscribe to Adobe Illustrator! It's also a somewhat reasonable rate to pay a professional illustrator for the sort of work I'm doing.
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