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This goal is set up to hire a film editor. I'd still like to do some editing but I need this support to take aaD to the next level. 

The support will help me focus on the quality of the production and to broaden the aaD horizon. 




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about a diabetic

Although we are hundreds of millions of diabetics worldwide, diabetes sometimes feels lonely.

Despite that we carry approximately the same point of reference, it may be hard to pinpoint how diabetes affects you. You are subjective in your everyday life and it can be difficult to direct and express frustration, questions and behavior to both yourself and others.

But what if someone else told your story?

about the project

about a diabetic is a filmseries where I travel around the world to meet and interview diabetics.
I live with each participant for 24-72 hours, film and boil down those hours to an episode that you'll find on www.aboutadiabetic.com and youtube.

Every contribution – big or small to ”about a diabetic” will help the production run and grow.  aaD and all its content is free for anyone to view. 

As of now I’ve done and financed everything by myself, that includes:
  • All the filming
  • Edit film
  • Edit photos
  • Sound Engineer
  • Producer, scriptwriter,
  • Search and edit music for the show
  • Planning
  • Find the English-speaking participators
  • All the contact with participators, companies, embassies, etc
  • Everything concerning the Internet, including platforms design, structure, administrate all socialmedia channels like youtube, aboutadiabetic.com, instagram, twitter,
  • Economy and accounting
  • Legal issues (e.g. permission to film is a pain in some countries)
  • Traveling (always try to use train, bus boat instead of flying, even though it often cost more and takes x times the amount of traveling time).
It’s 80-100 hours a week of work and believe me when I say that I try my very hardest.

As aaD grows I hopefully have the possibility to hire someone to ease and assist me with at least some of this work; so that I can focus on the quality of the product.
For more info please visit www.aboutadiabetic.com

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