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Patrons will have their name listed under the Patron list in the credits and will have access to patron-only content including:
  • Behind the scenes dev updates
  • An early look at game updates
  • RPGMaker tutorial videos
  • Name and custom message on a tombstone in Twin Pines Cemetery




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Hey, my name is Marcus Delekta, otherwise known as Catloaf (and a couple other names), and I'm the developer of Above & Below.

I started the framework for this game in 2012 based off a scrapped game called Project Orionis. As a huge fan of the Tales series and other old 2D RPGs, I knew that my ultimate goal was to build a game that fellow RPG fans would love. Ever since starting consistent development on the current iteration of the game back in February 2016, I knew I was working on something that wasn't just "another RPGMaker game". Above & Below prominently features a linear motion battle system, something only seen in the three Tales games currently on Steam. When working with a currently untapped niche, something that sounds great on paper and inside your head may not translate the way you want it to in gameplay. My main goal is to develop a community around the game and working with the community to make the release an amazing indie RPG that fans want to pick up and try out.

You can find out more specifics of the game on either this forum thread or my development blog over on Tumblr:

Why Patreon?

Unlike Kickstarter, there's no penalties if a goal isn't met for a project. With Patreon, you also have the option to consistently support the project if you wish. With your direct support, I am able to create something that RPG gamers alike will enjoy.

What will the money go towards?

All of the money goes towards the game, more specifically the main costs are: LMBS battlers, character portraits, new UI, custom assets, and perhaps even an original soundtrack!

What do I get in return?

All Patreons pledging $1 or more get access to all current and previous behind the scenes dev updates, early looks at game updates, and special RPGMaker tutorials from yours truly. They'll also be listed under the Patrons section in the credits and have their name and a special message listed on a tombstone in Twin Pines Cemetery. 

Sounds good, anything else?

Thank you, just, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. With your help I'll be able to make this project a finished reality and I cannot thank you enough for that.
$0 of $500 per month
Will be able to work on game part-time, I won't need to be waiting long periods of time to commission new assets from my artists due to monetary constraints. New updates of the game will also be more frequent.
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