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For just a buck a month, you'll get access to our beta PnPs and mobile games, access to our discord to help us develop the betas further, and a monthly+ newsletter to keep updated on all things Abraxus!
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In addition to all the stuff from tier one, you'll also have access to some other Patreon exclusive stuff, including a weekly show about what board games could do better. Also, we'll be making some Patreon exclusive PnP games! You won't be able to get them anywhere else!

Weekly show "Well Played...I would have done it different." begins May 3rd! The first few episodes of this will be available on ALL tiers, but then it will be exclusive for $3 tiers only.
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About Abraxus Games

THANK YOU all so much for checking out our Patreon page! You all ROCK! Chances are, if you're here, you already know a bit about us, but here's some more details:

Who are you people??

Hi! We are Abraxus Games. We also go by Alex Williams and Patrick James. We started our company in order to design and sell board games, mobile and console games, apps, and produce fun video content concerning all of the above!

What have you done so far?

Here's our very first Kickstarter for our first game, Don't Die! -
Don't Die! on Kickstarter!
Also, here's our most recent Kickstarter for the PnP version of Goblin Tower! -
Goblin Tower PnP on Kickstarter!
(Both of these are available here on Patreon as soon as you subscribe!)

Here's our YouTube page showcasing the videos we have done so far. Mostly LIVE Wednesdays so far. -
Abraxus Games on YouTube!
Lastly, here's what we've been doing for the past couple of years. -
Funagain Games on YouTube!

So, what's the Patreon for?

Well, it costs money to produce the kinds of things we want to create. Also, both of us worked for an online board game company for a couple of years that unfortunately recently went out of business. So we're trying to go at it on our own! We have our families' support, now we just need yours!

Where would my money go? And what do I get out of it?

Lots of places! Luckily we are able to work out of our old offices from our time at Funagain. However, we will still need basic monthly utilities like lights and internet. We'll also need some equipment upgrades and upgrades to the office to make more awesome content. Maybe we'll eventually get to hire an extra person or two to help us out!
In return for being so AWESOME and supporting us, you guys will have early access to nearly everything that we create, as well as access to our discord server so you can talk with us about how to improve! You could also get exclusive content like our show, "Well Played," every week. You'll also have access to Patreon exclusive print and play games! Those obviously won't come out every week, but we'll be making them as often as we can!

Do we get anything else?

Definitely! Even though we've only specified a few rewards, those are the promised, surefire rewards you will get. However, we LOVE making content and games, so there will definitely be some surprise rewards along the way.

Over the next few weeks we'll be updating our Patreon page and include an intro video, etc. So keep checking back!

The exclusive show, "Well Played," will air it's first episode on May 3rd. The first few episodes of this series will be available to everyone, but beyond that, it will only be for subscribers of the $3 tier! Exclusive content takes up a bit more of our time!

Let's do this!
$1 of $550 per month
We get to upgrade our office! You get more content!

Right now we are blessed to be able to use part of the Funagain Warehouse, but it needs some upgrading to make our own. A little bit of set design can go a long way. Help us reach this goal and we'll be able to continue producing content for you guys!
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