Lawrence Meckan

is creating open source projects
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About Lawrence Meckan

Near 2 decades across open source now pushing the envelope even further.

Started out in B2 / Wordpress / Mambo / Joomla universe, now moving into agnostic design, devops, machine learning / AI & containerisation/virtualisation.

Help me help you deliver on the things you need for your business or creative endeavour to work with technology.

Current projects to sponsor include:
  1. Virtualised development environment in Vagrant
  2. Vagrant management tool across multiple languages
  3. Server & enterprise level SASS design PHP modules for Apache, Nginx & HHVM
  4. New Relic devops module for HHVM
  5. Tensorflow module for PHP in Apache
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Half day work on Tensorflow for PHP , SASSPHP or Vagrant tools
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