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About Abstractly Sydney

Thank you so much for supporting my art! Not only are you providing funds that allow me to buy supplies like canvas and oil paint, but you are also providing me with time. Time to create my art, time to plan out my novel, time to flesh out my characters, and time to do what I love. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart, truly. I will be sharing a few different things here with you. First, progress! You will be the first to see the updated version of paintings, novel drafts, and short stories. Second, you will have buying priority over others. If there is a painting you have fallen in love with, you guys get first dibs! Third, my gratitude; which I know isn't huge in the scheme of things but it really is what keeps the ball rolling. 
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When I reach $100 I will share the first process video of my latest painting, in addition to the current draft of my novel "Isle of Emerald". 
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