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 My eternal gratefulness for your support!
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 Thank you for supporting me! As a reward you get special access to a channel in my discord server where you can chat with me, get beta builds of my mods or mods i am working on, offer anything you like, etc.
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As thanks for your support you get access to my patreon minecraft server along with a custom mod of your choosing that includes simple things like decorative blocks, a custom furnace, custom armor, anything like that, along with all previous tier rewards!
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About abused_master

Hi everyone,
As many of you know i'm abused_master. I'm a small time mod developer and modpack dev for Minecraft and have many projects you can find at https://minecraft.curseforge.com/members/abused_ma...

Your support goes a long way to fuel my motivation to keep working on mods to help me with some expenses.
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I don't really have any goals i'm aiming for, but if i must, i guess i could work on my first ever magic mod :P
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