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is creating books, articles, poems, photography, alternative remedies
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About Academy of Inner Light

Academy of Inner Light is a Global Community  inspired and founded by visionary and spiritual author, poet, mentor and healer Katerina Kostaki.
This inspirational and motivational creator has been insighted to work on a multilevel task that inherits Love, Light, Knowledge to inspire and address people around the Globe to Global Awakening.
Katerina has worked essentially on writing and publishing books, counselling people, studying alternative therapies including Reiki, Angel Cards Reading, Spiritual Counseling and Crystaltherapy and eventually and entirey working on Angel Healing.
Academy of Inner Light began as an insight early on 2010 when her first Greek published poetry book was translated and published in English language as COSMIC LIGHT.
We feel that its time for the ACADEMY to move to the next level that is of becoming visible to more people around the Globe.
We really have trust in our task and Universe as well.
Ask and it is granted.

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Love and blessings!