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Aloha TRIBE! 

A little over 4yrs ago I bought a dual sport motorcycle for 1 purpose. To "location scout" for a feature film I've wanted to make for WAY. TOO. LONG. I thought it would be a good idea to connect a camera to my helmet and give myself audio/video notes to come back to later for said film (Jungle Boys).. 

In taking the bike out for a little "test" run for audio, I decided to shoot a "motovlog" just for fun but halfway through the ride, I crashed my bike, hurt my body, and put my ego in check. I decided to edit and upload it anyways.. Who cares? It was a silly video, and I didn't think anyone would even watch it. But you did. A motovlogger at the time (Svengalie R.I.P.) decided to share my channel to his subscribers, and the rest is history. Over 350 video's later, I have met some amazing humans and love this community to death. 

Still, my soul stirs to see my dreams become a reality. "Will it ever happen" is a line my inner voice knows all to well.

  • Enter "Jungle Boys".

Jungle Boys is a simple story (think Stand By Me). A coming of age film based on my life growing in Maui, Hawaii and the struggles I went through battling my own demons, major island fever, loss of friendship, loss of love, and constant struggle for my single mother trying to raise a wild "jungle boy". A 1978 Yamaha 2 stroke motorcycle is what changed my life forever, taught me responsibility, and pride of ownership. I don't know what would have happened did I not trade my Nintendo Entertainment System for this bike once-upon-a-time. 

By supporting this patron based page, you will help me to bring this dream closer to reality. We will start out with a series of long form moto-vlogs whereby I will share my entire life with you in the most transparent of ways. You will find out how, and why I even grew up in Hawaii, you will hear about key story points that will make it to the film. (you know, all that life changing stuff and all). But most importantly, you will give me the drive to FOCUS all of my energy on making this dream, a reality.

As we move forward, I will include you in every step of making this film, and more.
There will be many challenges, but I feel it's time. Time to do this once and for all and with your support, I am confident I can. 

Here is a random scene from the film. "Jungle Boys" is based on 100% true events. Written by : Kalani Prince.

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